The future is invisible.

Mōbby has a vision for the internet.

"It will be everywhere, always accessible, always on, and invisible. Anyone can use it, from anywhere, with any device, anytime." — Professor Leonard Kleinrock

More than a token gesture.

Use Mōbby Tokens to make secure, seamless, global transactions without waiting for tedious approvals. Mōbby Tokens will handle thousands of transactions per second equivalent to the speed of credit cards and beyond.

Mōbby lives up to the reputation.

Mōbby is a blockchain hybrid which is a safer way to let you to expand your network to people, things, and places through trustworthy, unique AI enhanced algorithms.

Mōbby will create a new, trusted, valuable internet which limits such things as fake or untrustworthy reviews. By providing a complete transaction network built on a foundation of privacy and security, Mōbby users will have access to the most reputable buyers, sellers, and businesses.

Stay up-to-date
  • Secure
  • Mōbby aims to protect your privacy and security. We will constantly iterate on our technology and update our AI so we can spot a threat before it happens. A blockchain hybrid, Mōbby can be both public and private, that will make it more secure than almost all blockchains that exist today.
    Greater transparency Enhanced security Customizable privacy
  • Trusted
  • Mōbby’s goal is to create an internet you can trust. How do you know if the information you’re getting on the internet is reliable? You don’t. But Mōbby will make navigating the internet easier through its trusted reputation system.
    Instant verification Append-only design Consensus protocols
  • Connected
  • Mōbby is a world where you can connect to people, places, and things you can trust. Honest assessments and good behaviour will be encouraged and rewarded. As your reputation increases, so will your influence.
    In-Platform app development Borderless transactions Full profile integration
  • Invisible
  • Mōbby will seamlessly integrate with your everyday life. Available to you anywhere, anytime, Mōbby will be always on and always with you. Arming you with the truth, Mōbby helps you make better decisions.
    Natural Language Processing AI-enhanced systems Constantly Learning AIs

Built on Blockchain.

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Located in the trendy Arts District of downtown LA where innovative companies have set up shop, our offices are where the magic happens.

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Mōbby explains in depth how our enhanced platform can be used to share data, evaluate the reputation of peers, suggest and recommend customized information, and make transactions using the Mōbby blockchain.

Get the information and insights you need to understand just how groundbreaking Mōbby will be. Grapple with the concept of a reputational network that will redefine how we create, share, and digest truthful information to make better business decisions.

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We are Sunday Group.

Our intelligent platform was created by intelligent people.

Sunday Group Incorporated (SGI) is a team of experts in large scale internet and communications businesses. Our advisors are groundbreaking innovators in computer science and blockchain. You’re in good hands.

Toshi ‘Todd’ Mitsuishi
Toshi ‘Todd’ Mitsuishi Chief Mo̅bbiler (CEO)

Todd has previously led a company from a small IT startup to a near billion dollar valuation as its CEO. An expert in marketing, management, and an early adopter of blockchain technology, Todd is well-versed in the international arena as he has traveled and lived extensively, particularly in the Asia region. Todd also has contributed to and has visions to create reputable online philanthropic and funding tools which he believes can be best accomplished through blockchain and AI technologies. Todd majored in both mathematics and computer science at UCLA and his experience of leading companies to success will allow SGI to become the leader in the internet of trust.

James G Pack
James G Pack Legality Concierge (Director)

James has extensive skills as a negotiator and is a successful businessman. He was a top lobbyist for the telecommunications industry and connected at the highest levels of U.S. government, with which he still has relations today. He also co-founded and led a health product manufacturing and sales firm to nearly $100 million in annual sales. James helps guide SGI on the legal front and plans to help lead the way for the industry to thrive in a new world where innovation and technology increase trust and decrease regulation.

Ken Hashimoto
Ken Hashimoto Wallet Warden (International Finance Controller)

Ken has a solid finance and accounting background as a former audit professional (auditing companies in High-Tech, Finance, FMCG and more) at a Big 4 accounting firm in Silicon Valley and licensed CPA.  He has more than 20 years of international business experience and over 10 years of financial experience, having worked as a financial analyst at the world’s largest online retailer and logistics company and as an accounting manager at a U.S. publicly listed company. These involvements provide him with specialized financial expertise within the cutting-edge industry and an all-around financial skill set, which will greatly benefit SGI as it expands domestically and internationally.

Professor Vassilis Zikas
Professor Vassilis Zikas Crypto Alchemist (Chief Scientist)

Vassilis Zikas is an Associate Professor and Vice-Director of the Blockchain Technology Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh. He was previously Assistant Professor at the Computer Science department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Senior Research Associate in Cryptography and Information Security at ETH Zurich, Research Fellow of the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, UC Berkeley, and postdoctoral researcher at UCLA and at the University of Maryland. Vassilis received his PhD from the Computer Science Department of ETH Zurich and his diploma from the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences at NTUA (National Technical University of Athens).

Advisory Board.

Vital to stay ahead of competition and accomplish true innovation, SGI’s Advisory Board is second-to-none, as all members are world-renowned leaders of their respective fields.

Professor Leonard Kleinrock
Professor Leonard Kleinrock

Known as a father of the internet, Dr. Kleinrock pioneered the mathematical theory of packet networks which was the basis of the Internet. The Arpanet was launched in 1969 from his laboratory in UCLA’s Boelter Hall Room 3420, now known as the “Birthplace of the Internet.”  He chaired the 1988 National Research Council report upon which Gore based his 1991 High Performance Computing Act that upgraded U.S. computer network infrastructure.  He is recipient of the 2007 National Medal of Science for fundamental mathematical contributions to Internet technology.  Dr Kleinrock founded and is Director of The UCLA Connection Lab, leads the SGI Advisory Board and will assist SGI’s new innovation as it improves the ecosystem he helped initially create.

Dr. Steve Crocker
Dr. Steve Crocker

Dr. Crocker is the former chairman of ICANN and co-founder of Cybercash, one of the earliest digital currencies developed in 1998. Dr. Crocker invented the RFC (Request For Comment) memorandum system today used by projects such as ERC (Ethereum Request for Comment) in the blockchain sector.  Dr. Crocker has a PhD in computer science from UCLA.  He has been a board member of the Internet Society and board member and chair of the ICANN board.  He was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2012. Dr. Crocker adds valuable experience and expertise as a SGI Advisory Board member.

Professor Yehuda Afek
Professor Yehuda Afek

Dr. Afek is a Professor of Computer Science at Tel-Aviv University and one of the foremost experts in cybersecurity and prevention of DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. A former student at UCLA under Dr. Kleinrock’s tutelage, Dr. Afek has gone on to write various acclaimed research papers as well as sit on committees of organizations related to cybersecurity, cryptography, and machine learning. Yehuda will advise SGI on the security of its programming security, software applications, and system design.

Professor Rafail Ostrovsky
Professor Rafail Ostrovsky

Rafail “Rafi” Ostrovsky is a Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at UCLA; Fellow of IEEE; Fellow of IACR; and a foreign member of Academia Europaea, with over 300 refereed publications and 14 issued US patents. Prof. Ostrovsky joined UCLA in 2003 as a full tenured professor, coming from Bell Communications Research where he was a Senior Research Scientist. Dr. Ostrovsky received his Ph.D. in computer science from MIT in 1992. He is the recipient of multiple awards and honors including the 2017 IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award and the 2018 RSA Conference Excellence in the Field of Mathematics Award.

Fred Almeida
Fred Almeida

Fred is the founder, chairman and CEO of Alyc Inc, which he founded in 2018. Fred is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company. He has also founded numerous AI companies in Japan, Singapore and in the US, including Ascent Robotics, a leading Autonomous driving and smart robotics firm; and Neuri, an intelligent Financial AI trading platform. Fred Leads the design of Mōbby’s AI and DLT(Digital Ledger Technology) services and development of its core technology and infrastructure. Fred has studied Mathematics and Computer science at Harvard and is attending OPM at Harvard Business School.

The Power of Blockchain


Exclusive: Internet pioneer Leonard Kleinrock on the great experiment we’re living through, and why the internet probably won’t break
Exclusive: Internet pioneer Leonard Kleinrock on the great experiment we’re living through, and why the internet probably won’t break
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Israeli researchers stop cyberattacks with discovery of major DDoS exploit
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(Japanese) A “Father of the Internet” tackles a new blockchain project known as Mōbby
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Internet pioneer Kleinrock returns to fix what ails the internet
Celebrating 50th Anniversary of the Internet With Internet Pioneer and UCLA Professor Leonard Kleinrock
Celebrating 50th Anniversary of the Internet With Internet Pioneer and UCLA Professor Leonard Kleinrock
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$5 million gift will establish UCLA center on the future of computer networking
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