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The future is invisible.

Mōbby has a vision for the internet.

"It will be everywhere, always accessible, always on, and invisible. Anyone can use it, from anywhere, with any device, anytime." - Professor Leonard Kleinrock

More than a token gesture.

Use Mōbby Tokens to make secure, seamless, global transactions without waiting for tedious approvals. Mōbby Tokens will handle thousands of transactions per second equivalent to the speed of credit cards and beyond.

Mōbby lives up to the reputation.

Mōbby is a blockchain hybrid which is a safer way to let you to expand your network to people, things, and places through trustworthy, unique AI enhanced algorithms.

Mōbby will create a new, trusted, valuable internet which limits fake news and reviews. By providing a complete transaction network built on a foundation of privacy and security, Mōbby users will have access to the most reputable buyers, sellers, and businesses.

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  • Secure
  • Mōbby aims to protect your privacy and security. We constantly iterate on our technology and update our AI so we can spot a threat before it happens. A blockchain hybrid, Mōbby can be both public and private, making it more secure than almost all blockchains that exist today.
    Greater transparency Enhanced security Customizable privacy
  • Trusted
  • Mōbby’s goal is to create an internet you can trust. How do you know if the information you’re getting on the internet is reliable? You don’t. But Mōbby will make navigating the internet easier through its trusted reputation system.
    Instant verification Append-only design Consensus protocols
  • Connected
  • Mōbby is a world where you can connect to people, places, and things you can trust. Honest assessments and good behaviour will be encouraged and rewarded. As your reputation increases, so will your influence.
    In-Platform app development Borderless transactions Full profile integration
  • Invisible
  • Mōbby will seamlessly integrate with your everyday life. Available to you anywhere, anytime, Mōbby will be always on and always with you. Arming you with the truth, Mōbby helps you make better decisions.
    Natural Language Processing AI-enhanced systems Constantly Learning AIs

Built on Blockchain. Based in Los Angeles.

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The White Paper.

The Mōbby White Paper explains in depth how our enhanced platform can be used to share data, evaluate the reputation of peers, suggest and recommend customized information, and make transactions using the Mōbby blockchain.

Get the information and insights you need to understand just how groundbreaking Mōbby will be. Grapple with the concept of a reputational network that will redefine how we create, share, and digest truthful information to make better business decisions.

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The Power of Blockchain

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White Paper
Our 28 page White Paper outlines the design of Mōbby blockchain and token.
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